About us

Small is the new big.

We believe in the power of small. And that quality is achieved through a combination of talent, experience and passion. Our small internal team work with passionate, senior experts from our extended network as and when we need them. 

We like the thinkers, the challengers, the collaborators, the innovators. 

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Merje Shaw

Founder and Managing Director

Merje started her career at Skype when it was a small start-up in Estonia.  Helping bring about industry-shifting disruption and seeing first-hand how customer focus can grow and empower an organisation gave her a clear direction which she followed through London’s leading digital agencies, working on large-scale digital transformation projects for clients such as BT and DWP. 

She now combines this background to help bring start-up level disruption and agility to traditional industries.

Loredana Burt

Junior UX Consultant

Loredana has always had a passion for understanding different motivations and behaviours of people and followed this through her Masters in Psychology. 

She then found herself working in Marketing before finding her true love in UX that allows her to combine creative and analytical skills to help solve problems through good design.

She is a musical mastermind who can play a tune on a piano and WILL one day watch every movie that comes out in the year. 

Abraham Thomas

Senior User Experience Researcher

From founding a VC backed startup in 2012 to carrying out UX research at a global tech giant, Abraham's been a process-led user researcher throughout.

He works independently as well as part of cross-collaborative agile teams at rapid pace, selecting the right method for the right timescale.

Abraham is a studier of the arts, well-being and has a cat called Mo🐾.


Mykal Shaw

Creative Director

Mykal is one of the most fastidious creatives around with a CV that’s taken him from almost single-handedly rebranding AirMiles, through London’s top advertising and marketing agencies over the last 17 years, working on a wide variety of branding and experiential projects as well as shopper marketing, DM, B2B and digital campaigns; graphic, information and brand design including several brand guideline books. 

Mykal also runs a small creative services agency called Minkington.

 David Altabev

Smart Cities and Urban Tech specialist

David is the Founder and Director of City Sonar, an urban tech advisory organisation which works with SMEs and global governments. He previously led Nesta's CITIE programme, developed a series of Inducement Prizes for the European Commission, with a value of €17m, across health, transport, bio-economy, creative materials and energy and managed the £35 million Future Cities Demonstrator programme.

David is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and one of the UK Design Council’s Built Environment Experts.

Jo Geraghty

Culture consultant

Jo is the founder of Culture Consultancy - organisational culture change, people engagement and leadership development experts. They deliver measurable performance improvement by implementing cultural change that creates alignment internally throughout their organisation between leaders, managers and employees, as well as externally with their customers, partners and suppliers. 

Jo is the co-author of Building a Culture of Innovation: A Practical Framework for Placing Innovation at the Core of Your Business.

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Lezaan Roos

Experience planner

Lezaan works in a strategic capacity and her skills mostly involve using service design methods to inform outcomes such as digital products, service strategy as well content and GTM propositions. Her work typically involves future thinking and a deeper understanding of the sector and audience.

Lezaan combines UX design expertise, and the knowledge gained working in digital marketing, brand communications and service & product design, to work at a strategic level where design and business strategy intersect. 

Alison Battisby

Social Media Consultant

Alison Battisby is a digital marketing instructor and social media expert, having worked in the social media marketing industry since 2008. Alison has been involved in some groundbreaking social media projects for brands including Estee Lauder, Tesco and Pringles as well as a range of start-ups and growing enterprises. Alison launched her own social media consultancy Avocado Social in 2014, and since then has had plenty of experience training global brands including BBC, Cambridge University Press and Interflora

Gabriel Hughes, PhD

Data Science consultant

Gabriel specialises in analysing and modelling customer journeys, and has long experience in web analytics and big data.  

Gabriel is the CEO of Metageni which helps clients develop predictive models of customer behaviour using advanced methods including machine learning. Metageni  works in partnership with their clients to create analysis which is robust yet easy to understand, and is designed to inform actions.

Gabriel's past experience includes being Head of Attribution at Google where his team developed attribution features used in Google Analytics. Other roles include heading the web analytics team as a VP at Elsevier.