Customer experience 101

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A few weeks ago I ran a workshop with 40 Finnish marketing executives to get them to start thinking about their customer experience and mapping it across the multiple channels that it covers. As part of that workshop, we created a template document for understanding the multichannel customer experience.

Rather than keep it to ourselves, we have added some more explanatory text to the two template sheets which will hopefully help you fill them out without having one of us in the room to facilitate. 

To understand the customer's journey with you, we first need to get an understanding of who your customer is and we do this by defining a pen portrait of the customer. We will then look at what their journey with you might look like and which channels this might happen on. 

Key reasons for carrying out this exercise: 

  • The world is no longer divided between online and offline experiences. Nor website and social media experiences 
  • Your customer doesn’t care if they’re dealing with the sales department or with the admin department – they only see one company 
  • In an age where anything is available everywhere, service and experiences make the difference to driving customer loyalty and brand consistency is how customers learn to recognise the quality of these 


Let us know how you get on! Also, please let us know how we can improve this resource as you use it.

Do get in touch if you would like us to help you work it out together in a tailored workshop. When you’re ready for more depth, we will also be able to use proven research methodologies to create an in-depth understanding of your customers’ journeys. 

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