The Most Jam is now Path59

When we set up the original company, it was as a joint venture for Merje and Mykal to freelance through in our respective fields of UX Research and Creative Direction. At that point, the intention was not to set up a serious agency so we named it after our son's fantastically chubby thighs, after accusing him of having eaten the most jam.

Once Merje returned from maternity leave for the second time last September and the company grew into a "proper" company, we felt that The Most Jam still served us well as a name, wonderfully conveying the brand stickiness that is achieved by combining expert creative with excellent customer experience design. 

The Most Jam moving to Path59


As you may be aware, we recently carried out a business review and noticed that the concept we had originally formed proved to be too tricky to explain all at once. This revelation led to Mykal separating out the creative services side of the business into Minkington which now looks after all of our clients who used us for branding, experiential design and ad-hoc creative services, whilst Merje stayed with the main brand.

With this separation, however, the name of the company no longer made sense - the stickiness of brands is only tangentially related to the kind of innovation and experience design services we provide. so, after a serious amount of deliberation and many, many discussions, we have decided that we needed to rename.

Why Path59?

It took us a lot of deliberation to get to this name, having gone through The Thinking Department, The Neon Agency and Includium amongst some other equally terrible options (though I secretly still quite like the last one- shhh..).

Here's why we felt it works for us: 

  • A lot of what we do is building journeys - user journeys, service blueprints, customer journeys
  • We help our customers along their digital paths
  • 59 is the latitude of Tallinn, where Merje was born
  • It sounds like something you have heard of before 

What do you think?