Four things to ask your customer support team now

Not sure how to start improving your customer experience? Ask your support team..


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1. What is the number one thing people complain about?

This will tell you where to focus your efforts for improvement and provides a good place to start research from to fully understand customer pain points.

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2. Which channel do most queries come in through?

Whilst this will depend on the channels you allow customers to contact you by, it should give you a good place to start in understanding whether your customers want to talk to you over the phone or via email, for example

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3. If you could improve one thing about the service/ product what would it be?

Your customer service staff talk to the customers every day and have to solve a myriad of issues for them. Because of this, they will develop a pretty good gut-feeling on the issues causing the biggest trouble for your customer base.

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4. Which internal document is helping you most in answering customer questions?

Knowing which material they find the most helpful when dealing with customers gives you a good understanding of the kind of content you could be producing and sharing with your customers and prospective customers.

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