Enabling an international charity to research at scale

ActionAid is an international charity working with the poorest women and girls in the world, changing their lives for good. As part of their SafeCities initiative they were keen to understand more about their audience that involved the women in the target cities, the city officials, the men in the cities and heavily involved stakeholders.

As budget was an issue, it was unrealistic for us to fly into each of the research locations (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Nepal, South Africa, Zimbabwe) so we created a training programme to enable the fieldwork to be carried out by ActionAid representatives in each location and then coordinated the fieldwork, processed resulting data and crafted detailed personas that were used to inform the campaign work.

The resulting campaign was rolled out to four countries initially, including Cambodia whose campaign is still ongoing.

The training and the analysis you provided was very helpful to the campaigners and country programme staff, and it was useful for me in helping think through the messages of the campaign from the international secretariat perspective. Thanks again!
— Belinda Calaguas, Director of Policy and Campaigns, ActionAid
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