How we work


We find that the best results come from collaborating with, not “consulting at” people. Not only does this mean that there is a sense of pride and ownership of the resulting project but it also means that our skills are passed on to your staff, enabling them to employ these again and again.

We like to look at complex problems using the simplest possible tools and are frequently seen with notepads and pens, drawing out potential solutions. Often, this low-fidelity approach brings the simplest and most elegant answers.

The Process

Working with members of your internal team, we follow a simple three-step process:

Rapid innovation

1. Horizon scanning

Working with your team we help you explore innovations that are about to impact your industry.

We do this either by benchmarking against the competition both direct and lateral, reviewing nascent innovations, carrying out innovation safaris or a combination of two or more.

Experience assessment and benchmarking

2. Rapid prototyping

Together we create several testable ideas and quickly evaluate these to get one, strong, viable candidate.

These could be anything from paper prototypes to end-to-end service blueprints, depending on the minimal viable way to showcase the ideas.

Service blueprinting

3. Assessment workshop

The project team’s joint presentation workshop allows your leadership to assess the solution.

This has proven to not only galvanise the senior members of the team but also provide opportunities for setting clear strategies for the company’s future.