What do you need to know?

Research is one of our core capabilities and we pride ourselves on being methodology-agnostic when it comes to defining the best way to find information for you.


Our process:

  1. Short workshop to identify your business goals, the problem you are trying to explore and identify the best methodology for answering your questions

  2. Recruitment and research design

  3. Fieldwork

  4. Analysis and synthesis

  5. Workshop to socialise and further refine findings as well as discuss the recommendations

  6. Detailed results report with prioritised list of recommendations


Always learning, our team is currently fluent in the following methodologies:

  • Intention studies 
  • Trend analysis

  • Online surveys

  • Focus groups

  • In-context research

  • Lab-testing

  • Depth interviews

  • Heuristic reviews
  • Remote usability testing

  • RITE methodology

  • Paper prototype testing

  • Card sorting

  • Tree testing

  • Persona research

  • Diary studies
  • Observational research

  • Persona/ pen portrait creation

  • Journey mapping

  • Competitor reviews

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Shadowing

What shall we find out today?